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Jonas Kaufman

There's been a new development in opera. If you still think of fat sopranos and tubby tenors as being the norm, you're way off base. With HD in movie theatres and close-ups on television, today's singers have to look as good as they sound. Wagners' Valkyries are slender and buff; French star Natalie Dessai is sexy and chic; Anna Netrebko is gorgeous. But it's the boys I want to see.

Dmitri Hvrostovsky German tenor Jonas Kaufman has a halo of brown curls around a dreamy face. When he sings Don Jose abandoned by Carmen for the flashy toreador, you have to think that the gypsy girl must be blind. As for the baritone Dmitri Hvrostovsky, he's even more gorgeous than Netrebko. He's not known as the Siberian Tiger for nothing. When he plays the evil Baron Scarpia you have to choose him over the chubby tenor. If I were Tosca I'd run away with the Bad Boy in a second. Hvorostovsky has a great body, and he shows it in a video called "Toi et Moi." Dmitri in black leather??? Be still my beating heart. And when Kaufman and Hvrostovsky team up to sing the beautiful duet from "The Pearl Fishers" it's like Brad Pitt and George Clooney starring in the same movie. A feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Yum!

Reportedly there's a new Russian heartthrob in the making. Dmitri retired his role in the Russian opera, "Eugene Onegin" and a young hunk has taken it over for the '14 HD season of the Met. I'm looking forward to checking him out. There must be something in the Russian water to grow such sexy heartthrobs! If so, import a case for me. And if you don't like opera, that's o.k. All the more hunky guys for me!!! ryan mckinney

Note: Opera Hunk Addition

To this list add bass-baritone Ryan McKinney, whom I just saw as a fierce Flying Dutchman. He's just as handsome off-stage (for a Q&A session) but not so fierce. The girl at the gift shop called him "The Summer Stud" of this season's opera. All I can say is that I'll set-sail anytime with him.

UPDATE ON OPERA HUNKS: Seems like I'm not the only one who appreciates a splendid voice and nice abs. I discovered a blog called "Barihunks" with an international cast of good-lookin' baritones. I've nominated my special find, Ryan McKinney, to their list. Ryan will play Billy Bigalow in "Carousel" this summer at Cooperstown, so I will get to salivate again over him. p.s. Barihunks had to make an exception and add German tenor Jonas Kaufman to their list. If you saw Kaufman in the very recent HD Met broadcast of "Werther" you know that they lost the sound for the last 7 minutes of his death scene, which annoyed the public so much the Met put the entire last act on its website.

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group photo

M. E. Kemp celebrates a successful writers conference with (l. to r.) panelist and author Susanne Alleyn; Writers Guild President Dan Wilcox; M. E. Kemp, organizer, Jack H. Rothstein, supporter and Hallie Ephron, featured speaker.